One of the more stunning new developments in Detroit is one step closer to a groundbreaking. CODA, designed by Oombra Architects and led by developer Michael van Overbeke, received brownfield funding from the state today. 

The $27.9 million project will bring eight condos, two townhouses, office, and retail/restaurant space to the historic neighborhood. Five of the condos and one townhouse are reserved; they went up for sale a year ago today. Residential units still available range from $590,000 to $1.535 million -- the remaining townhouse at that higher price is over 3,000 square feet with three beds and two-and-a-half baths.

The design incorporates an existing historic structure into the new construction.

The Michigan Strategic Fund approved $1,218,829 in state capture for brownfield activities, with $1.2 million in local tax capture from the city. The development will also have NEZ tax breaks for the new residences.

Coda is one of many new residential developments under construction in Brush Park, which sits in between downtown, Midtown, and Eastern Market.