Some developments take a long time to come to fruition. But 18 years? 

If you've driven up Woodward at 7 Mile, you've likely noticed a large church surrounded by fencing and vacant land. The Perfecting Church is a project led by Pastor Marvin Winans, and after 18 years, it is still not finished.

The city has recently taken up addressing blighted properties and absent landlords around the city. And now after demanding financial records and inspections, Detroit has sued the Perfecting Church, seeing it as blight. 

Axios Detroit reports that a city inspection did take place, and they found "dilapidated fencing, overgrown vegetation and burrows that indicate rodents or other animals."

Winans tells the Metro Times, "We are shocked and extremely disappointed that the city would take this course of action in the dark of the night, and in our opinion, not acting in good faith."

If Winans does not get the property cleaned up and construction moving by April 3, the property could be transferred back to Detroit and potentially demolished. Winans would also need to prove he can financially finish the project.

Original plans for the prominent property included the church, a parking structure, and 70 townhouse condos and was originally planned to be completed in three years.

It sits at a prominent location near Palmer Park, Palmer Woods, the new transit center, and the new Amazon warehouse.