A new-to-Michigan development concept is now open in Ann Arbor. The 4M campus, from Prentice 4M, brings 11 townhomes, 63 furnished ensuite bedrooms, common living spaces, 1 gig fiber internet, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, tech support, and a fleet of Teslas to Ann Arbor.

It's an interesting spin on remote work: residents can focus on their projects, network with others, have access to office features, and live on the same campus.

To note: There are initiatives in place in regards to Covid-19, including regular cleaning of common and private spaces, outdoor work spaces, and air filtration systems.

The four-story campus has collaborative spaces, podcast studios, and community flex spaces on the first floor; a shared kitchen and conferencing rooms on the second floor; and furnished, soundproof bedroom suites on the third and fourth floors (see gallery above for photos).

Mobility and sustainability went into the design and concept of 4M. The campus is located near public transit, Teslas are on-hand for residents if needed, the campus claims to have the largest EV charging station in Ann Arbor, and a solar panel array. Shuttles are also available for residents to get around town.

“4M is an innovative lifestyle concept where living, working, and transportation are bundled for the convenience of members in a campus designed to form community and relationships,” said Margaret Poscher, CEO and co-founder of Prentice 4M. “We are proud to offer an ecosystem that elevates the experience of our members in meaningful ways.”

Pricing comes in at $75 a day (with discounts for longer stays). Think of it as an all-inclusive resort, but for a live/work enviorment. The price includes your private space, all work amenities, security, and access to transportation.

The 37,500-square-foot campus sits south of the University of Michigan campus, not too far from Michigan Stadium. It's a concept that won't work everywhere, but could make sense for a college town like Ann Arbor.