Here are a few of the stories we're reading this week:

Everyone likes it now

Last week, everyone loved to hate on the new Detroit sign on I-94. After the chaos settled down and the sign was lit up earlier this week, we're cool with it. The city plans to add landscaping this week and it will be on display for people coming from the airport into the city. Additional signage - albeit not as big - is going up on I-75, the Southfield Freeway, I-96, and I-94 on the east side. Detroit Metro Times

PBS in Milwaukee Junction

Detroit PBS is moving its headquarters from Wixom to the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood in Detroit. The organization bought the land at 234 Piquette Avenue, between John R and Brush St., and will renovate and expand the existing building starting later this year. It will be home to 100 employees and should open in fall 2026. The building will have seven filming locations, plus a performing space and outdoor studio. Detroit Free Press

Another connection along the Riverfront

A key connection on the west Riverfront is underway. As of right now, the Riverfront stops a little ways after the Joe Louis Greenway. Soon, we'll be able to go in front of Riverfront Towers. Eventually, it will connect to the Ralph C. Wilson Centennial Park. A boardwalk has been completed since 2020, but an 1,800-foot stretch is being built on land so people don't have to backtrack. The connection will give visitors a way to get to Jefferson and keep going west; when the new park opens next year, it will connect to that. This connection will open early this summer. Crain's Detroit Business

City Winery still on its way

A new music venue near Michigan Central was announced a couple years ago ... and we can expect it to open next year. City Winery has faced some delays around inflation and high interest rates, but plans are still on to open a 300-seat "dinner and a show" style venue. Think cocktail tables and singers/songwriters. The venue will be new construction, with a rooftop view of the old train station. Detroit Metro Times

The People Mover lights up Larned

Everyone's getting ready for the NFL Draft next week, including our beloved People Mover. Not only is it free, not only will it be running 24 hours during the draft, but now the columns are lit up in different colors! And this isn't just for the draft; the LED lights can be customized for teams or events. And it improves visibility for pedestrians. Win win. ClickonDetroit