It's been a busy week here in Detroit, with the opening of the Book Depository and new details on the new residential tower on the riverfront. Here are a few more stories we're reading.

Residential conversions coming downtown

A couple of Bedrock-owned buildings downtown look to be up for a residential conversion, according to Crain's. First is the (highly underrated IMO) Buhl Building, which Dan Gilbert and Bedrock purchased in 2017, and is home to offices. It's not known how many floors or units would be converted to residential, but there's talk that architecture proposals have gone out for the project. Across downtown on Broadway, Bedrock will be presenting their plan to the Historic District Commission in May for the renovation of the Harvard Square Centre Building. They have received funding for this project, which would bring 34 units across floors 2-10 to this historic building. Buhl Building Harvard Square Centre

Rehabbing duplexes in Detroit neighborhoods

The Osborn Neighborhood Alliance is working to bring homeownership and needed housing to the northeast Detroit neighborhood. The Mapleridge Housing Project will rehab vacant and blighted duplexes in the neighborhood, with the goal of having a landlord live in one unit and rent out the other at an affordable, section 8 rate. The group is working with Detroit's Housing and Revitalization Department on funding for the project. It's one of many efforts around the city to rehab housing and decrease blight.  Model D

Helping small businesses in Detroit

It's not easy at all to open a business in Detroit. Considering the decades of disinvestment, banks have been hesitant to approve loans for many applicants. ProsperUs is a program that looks at the financials for a loan, but also offers training and resources for prospective business owners in the city, along with assistance in commercial real estate and connections to professional services. Outlier Media