Here are a few of the stories we're reading this week.

The future and past of Hart Plaza's Dodge Fountain

One of the more unusual structures downtown is Dodge Fountain, located in the middle of Hart Plaza. Many people don't realize it's a fountain, as it only sometimes runs during festivals. Hart Plaza itself is set to receive about $9 million in upgrades this year, and the fountain will be a big part of that. Also in the works: renovating the amphitheater and considering more shady and greenspace areas. The 300 jets and lights of the fountain don't work as intended; the city will be hiring a contractor soon and it could be up and running again next year. :Historically, the fountain - designed by Isamu Noguchi - was supposed to be like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. But the importance and significance never took off. It was built in the mid-1970s, when the term 'Renaissance' was given to many places in the city. It just never worked as intended. Detroit News (paywalled)

The remarkable comeback of Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park in front of Michigan Central recently reopened in Corktown after a big and fairly quick overhaul. The park no longer has a street running through it, and it contains benches, landscaping, and room for events. Our friends at Daily Detroit talked to OHM Advisors about the history and thought that went into the redesign of the park, which will receive a lot of attention as the old train station gets closer to opening. Daily Detroit (Spotify)

A Mammoth proposal

Earlier this year, the city sued owners and threatened to demolish the Mammoth shopping center at Grand River and Greenfield. This week, a group called Mammoth Building Investors announced plans to revitalize the old shopping center with GrandRiverTown, highlighted by a building called The Experience! This would bring housing, retail, and a STEAM education center to the neighborhood. No budget or funding has been announced at this time. Detroit Metro Times