Here are a few of the stories we've been reading lately.

Gilbert nabs riverfront property

A surface parking lot next to the new Valade Park on the East Riverfront has a new owner. Dan Gilbert's Bedrock has purchased a 4.32 acre plot along Atwater Street. Bedrock also acquired the nearby 300 River Place and additional land earlier this year. In a statement to Crain's, CEO Kofi Bonner says they see a lot of opportunity in the area. "A future riverfront should be more pedestrian and transit friendly with a low carbon footprint, with more parks, plazas, entertainment and mixed-income residential." Crain's.

Hudson's site work slowly moving along

Ground broke on Dan Gilbert's biggest project four years ago. We're seeing the Hudson's site become more vertical, but it's taking some time. It was originally supposed to be complete next summer, and reach higher than the Ren Cen, but now it will be 49 stories and completed in 2023 (11-story podium) and 2024 (tower). The pandemic and the changing office and hospitality landscape could be causes for the slowdown. Detroit Free Press (paywall)

Seawall collapse (again)

Another seawall has collapsed into the Detroit River at the Revere Dock. The incident happened on Friday, November 26 near Fort Wayne. It was caused by pressure from a heavy pile of gravel. The gravel pile has been relocated, but many are concerned about contamination from the soil. Detroit Free Press

Progress on Development Tracker

Detour Detroit has been working on a Detroit Development Tracker, " a tool that will allow the public to monitor large property development, see changes in their neighborhoods and get more engaged with the development process." The project will provide information on city meetings, ownership, images, and more related to developments, with opportunities for crowdsourcing. It's coming along, but there are some details the creators are still working out. They'll need feedback from people who will be using it before releasing it in its beta form. More info: RJI Online