Here are a few of the Detroit development stories we're reading this week.

Midtown Starbucks closed 

The big story this week is that the Midtown Starbucks on the corner of Woodward and Mack has closed due to safety concerns. Many people have commented that the tables and chairs had been taken out and the back door was locked, which was unusual since it led to the parking lot. The location is right by Whole Foods and the ground floor of the Ellington Lofts. Daily Detroit digs into some of the safety issues around the closure. Detroit News

New TechTown rehab in the works

The former Cadillac Assembly Plant is up for a $27 million redevelopment. The development team would add 90 rental units to the TechTown neighborhood between New Center and Midtown. Great timing for the developers, since this is close to the recently announced $2.5 billion development by Henry Ford Health and the Pistons. The project is currently making its way through approvals. 20 percent of the apartments would be listed at 80 percent of the Area Median Income and the rest would be market rate. Demo could start soon, with construction starting in the summer. Crain's Detroit Business 

Land transfer in Southwest Detroit

Detroit City Council could vote next week on a land transfer with the Morouns, which would give the International Bridge Company 3.8 acres of land along West Jefferson. Neighbors in Hubbard-Richard are not happy about it, as there could be an expansion of the trucking plaza by the Ambassador Bridge and a closure of part of St. Anne Street, which would add more truck traffic and pollution into the neighborhood. It's part of a 2015 deal with the city where the Morouns gave land and money for Riverside Park to the city in return for more land for a second bridge. Bridge Detroit