So Detroit's one of the greatest places in the world? Strong work, team. Here are a few of the stories we've been reading recently.

Another Dom Polski will be revived

A Dom Polski Hall in Southwest Detroit is up for redevelopment. City Council recently approved a tax break for the $1.4 million project, which will bring eight apartments to Junction Street. It was originally going to be an event and entertainment space, but the community was opposed to the traffic and noise from that kind of venue. Rents could range all the way up to $3,800 for a three-bedroom apartment. Pricey, but they're apparently pretty big. Axios Detroit

More on Ross's big state budget win

A few weeks ago, we learned that the Detroit Center for Innovation nabbed a $100 million earmark in the proposed Michigan budget. Apparently, developer Stephen Ross had travelled to Lansing in February to lobby for the project. The University of Michigan and the city made it clear that they did not lobby for the earmark. But it ended up in the budget pretty easily and with little discussion among representatives. The $100 million covers 40 percent of the $250 million cost, which will be built on surface lots along Grand River downtown. Crain's Detroit Business

A carless Belle Isle?

The Detroit Bus Company is now leading a new free shuttle service on Belle Isle, offering people rides from popular spots on the island like the beach, the Conservatory, and the play structures. But what if we could go a step further in getting cars off the island? Our friends at Daily Detroit recently discussed the concept of a car-free day at Belle Isle with transit advocate David Gifford. Yes, it would take a lot of planning (like Open Streets in Corktown) and it would have to happen on a weekday, but could we do a test run of a day without cars on our beautiful island park? Spotify Apple Podcasts