Here are a few of the stories we're following in Detroit this week.

Joel Landy's property for sale

Joel Landy left quite a legacy in Detroit, including a lot of property. The developer rehabbed properties around the city, especially in the Peterboro-Charlotte Historic District of Cass Corridor. All 43 properties in the developer's portfolio are up for sale, ideally to a single buyer. The properties include a slew of apartment buildings across Cass Corridor (including the James Scott Mansion, seen above), the Leland Lofts, and the former Dewey School. Apparently, the real estate package has sparked interest, and proceeds will go to the Joel Landy Foundation. Detroit Free Press (paywalled), Joel Landy Portfolio

Main Art Theater demoed

The Main Art Theater in downtown Royal Oak is gone. The theater was a mainstay for independent movies since the 90s, but had closed in 2021. Community members fought for the preservation of the 80-year-old theater, but developers won out in the end. A five-story mixed-use building will take its place. Detroit News

PJ's Lager House building sold

Corktown's PJ's Lager House has sold to the owner of the neighboring James Oliver Coffee. The deal isn't finalized yet, but PJ Ryder believes the new owner intends to keep it as a music and food venue and possibly expand it. Ryder had put the Lager House building up for sale in 2019. Detroit Metro Times