Here are a few of the stories we're reading this week.

Impending deadline for UMCI

One of the largest developments that is supposed to break ground this year is the University of Michigan Center for Innovation. The $250 million center has $100 million earmarked in the state budget, with the stipulation that there needed to be a groundbreaking this year. That has not happened yet. The construction needs to be approved by UofM's Board of Regents, who meet two more times this year. The project is located on land owned by Olympia. The development has been spearheaded by Stephen Ross, and was taken over by UofM earlier this year. The developers do not seem to have any concern about the center being built. Detroit Free Press

More on East Warren

Last week, we reported about some developments and businesses underway on East Warren. The neighborhood has received $21 million in new investment due to the Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF), with additional investments of $14 million over the past few years. The city held a ribbon cutting last week for the new streetscape, with trees and landscaping along the corridor. The SNF has also helped with improvements to Balduck Park, along with bus stop upgrades and an improved parking plaza. The city is working to bridge gap funding for businesses and developments, and working on grant funding from the state to move projects along. Detroit News (paywalled)

More time for the Parade Co.

The Parade Company has big plans along Detroit's East Riverfront. They want to renovate part of the vacant Brodhead Naval Armory and build a large warehouse on the river side, which would be a place to store and build the floats, as well as welcome visitors. It's an ambitious $45 million plan, and the city has given them a nine-month extension for getting their funding in place. Crain's Detroit Business

Uniroyal Promenade Grand Opening

FYI also along the East Riverfront, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy is planning a Grand Opening for the Uniroyal Promenade on Saturday, October 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The ceremony will take place at Mt. Elliott Park, where visitors will be able to finally walk along the Riverfront to the Belle Isle Bridge. The public is welcome.