Here are a few of the stories we're reading this week.

A lake at Pullman Park

Townhouses have gone up at the new Pullman Parc development, but not a planned apartment building. Instead, that part of the development in Elmwood Park is filling up with water, which is now a pond/small lake. But no one is saying what happens next, at least not now. Developers are committed to the apartment building being built, but the lake itself is making it hard to sell the townhouses already there. Crain's Detroit Business

More money coming to Motown Museum expansion

The first two stages of the Motown Museum expansion are complete, and the next stage could get a boost from the federal government. A spending bill currently in the US House would include $343 million for various projects around Michigan and Detroit, including $10 million for the Motown Museum. The next stage of the expansion includes a new building behind the current location with exhibit space. Detroit Metro Times

The neighborhood impacts from the Gordie Howe Bridge

The new Gordie Howe International Bridge is well under construction, and residents of Southwest Detroit are dealing with dust, noise, and vibrations from the endless stream of trucks going through their neighborhood. This has led to cracks in foundations, dust inside homes, and increased asthma. The city has helped residents with updates like air conditioning and window replacement to their homes, but it's not enough for many, who feel that the program needs to be expanded. Detroit Free Press