Recreation centers around the city are about to get some major upgrades. As part of Detroit's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, the city is investing $45 million into renovating, expanding, and reopening a dozen rec centers. 

$30 million will be coming from ARPA, $10 million from city bonds, and $5 million from Roger Penske.

The rec center at Dexter-Elmhurst will be demolished and rebuilt (see first before/after slider below). The $8.5 million project will include indoor sports facilities, a kitchen for events, and community space. It should be completed in 2024.

Chandler Park will see a dome-covered football field added, along with indoor sports center. Construction should start in 2023.  Lenox Community Center, also on the city's east side, will become solar-powered. Roger Penske is funding this upgraded rec center as part of the city's Strategic Neighborhood Fund in Jefferson Chalmers. (see last below/after slider)

Mini-libraries at 11 rec centers will be renovated for $500,000 and should be completed this year.

In addition to these projects, the ARPA funds will go toward:

  • An expansion at Farwell, with a new gym, lockers, and walking path. Construction should start in spring 2023.
  • The State Fair Band Shell relocation to Palmer Park. The $10 million city bond-funded improvements will also go toward this project. Construction will happen this year.
  • The renovation at Adams Butzel will be completed this year, with a roof replacement, HVAC, pool, and locker upgrades. 
  • The Coleman Young rec center will continue renovations to common spaces like the lobby, restrooms, and kitchen and should be completed this summer.
  • The Butzel Family Rec Center is currently undergoing exterior and interior updates, and will be done next month.
  • Heilmann has undergone renovations and improvements to the lobby, restrooms, and other areas. This renovation has been completed.
  • The Patton Rec Center has undergone improvements to its pool and gym, as well as HVAC upgrades. This renovation has been completed.
  • Crowell will also see interior renovations and landscaping done by next month.
  • Clemente is undergoing renovations and landscaping and should be done this spring.

The city recently launched a new website to track how it's spending its $826 million in ARPA funds.