Michigan Central's Book Depository will soon be home to the headquarters of a German EV tech company. EcoG Inc., who specializes in electric vehicle level 3 charging technology, will base its North American business in Corktown.

The Michigan Strategic Fund approved a $1.5 million Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant for the $14.4 million project this week. The company considered basing its operations in Georgia or Ohio, but chose Detroit for the close proximity of the big automakers and suppliers. It's expected to create 45 jobs.

“Right now there is unprecedented momentum behind the EV transition in the U.S.,” said EcoG CEO Joerg Heuer. “EcoG’s solutions are acting as the catalyst for manufacturers in the U.S., making it simple to introduce American-built products into the EV charging market and transforming the EV charging landscape across the country. We’re excited to contribute to this next phase from our new office in Detroit. We admire Michigan’s strong drive to transform the mobility industry and are excited to collaborate with other innovation leaders out of Michigan Central. Together we make sustainable transportation in North America a reality.” 

Newlab at Michigan Central is home to many tech and mobility-based businesses. Late last year, an EV charging road was unveiled next to the building - the first of its kind in the country.