Just after construction reached its final height earlier this week, Bedrock announced more news on their transformative development downtown. Often referred to as the Hudson's site, the development will now be known as Hudson's Detroit.

Bedrock announced the name on their social media channels today. 

The development has been under construction since late 2017. The site was home to the iconic Hudson's department store, which was imploded in 1998. Dan Gilbert acquired the site in 2007. It was an empty city block with an underground parking structure for years, until construction finally started. The height of the tower has decreased since initial designs, but will be about 685 feet high (comparatively, the Ren Cen's highest tower is 727 feet high.

The tower will include a five-star hotel (likely an Edition hotel), high-end residential, and office space. A plaza will separate the tower from the neighboring building, which will have retail, office, and event space. No word yet on when Hudson's Detroit will open.