One of the most exciting restorations in the city, the state, and arguably, the country, is Ford's work with Michigan Central Station. The restoration of the iconic landmark is set to complete in late 2022. 

Ford recently hired renowned architectural firm EverGreen Architectural Arts to restore more than 56,000 square feet of plasterwork - mainly in the waiting room and restaurant spaces. This work should take 18 months to complete. 

The firm will repurpose much of the remaining building material, although some plaster will need to be recreated. They'll use three techniques - traditional three-coat plaster, ornamental plaster, and veneer plaster. Some work will be done digitally, but a team of 15 to 20 will be onsite finishing the plasterwork by hand. 

The New York firm is no stranger to train station restoration - they've also worked on projects at New York's Grand Central Station, LA's Union Station, and in Seattle, Cincinnati, and Sacramento. They've also worked on the Michigan State Capitol, as well as the Fisher Building, Orchestra Hall, the Detroit Public Library, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.  

"When we bring life back to these buildings, they can have a huge impact on the neighborhood and the community," says Jeff Greene, executive chairman and founder of EverGreen. "People identify with a physical environment, it's a repository for memories. Michigan Central Station was and will be again a central place in what makes up the personality of Detroit."

Ford purchased the long-vacant Michigan Central Station in 2018. The landmark is the centerpiece of a larger 30-acre "mobility district" by Ford in Corktown. The nearby Book Repository will transform into collaborative workspace, and plazas and bike lanes will connect the campus with the surrounding neighborhoods.