A unique public space in the middle of Detroit is working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to raise funds to reactivate its space. The Lincoln Street Art Park is partnering with Green Living Science, Make Art Work, and Recycle Here to revive an area of NW Goldberg for environmental education, art, and community.

Through Patronicity, the park is looking to raise $25,000, and the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places program will match with an additional $25,000. The campaign is running through October 29.

The revitalization efforts include:

  • A rehab of the Activi-Tree learning center, a shipping container used for learning and events,
  • Solar panels and batteries for the container,
  • Materials for a pollinator garden,
  • Benches, seating areas, and signage for visitors, and more.

When rehabbed, the space will once again be used for summer camps for Detroit students. According to the campaign site:

"Our Project goes beyond mere restoration. We are committed to creating a space that celebrates sustainability, art, and community connection. The Lincoln Street Art Park, will serve as a dynamic venue for various events, workshops, and programs that inspire and educate. This shared space, which will house Green Living Science's shipping container turned classroom, is where learning and creativity will flourish side by side."

The park sits a few blocks south of the Henry Ford Health Campus and near the recently-opened Dreamtroit, a former auto plant that's been renovated as a mixed-use space focused on culture and art.