Do you have thoughts about how our road and transportation infrastructure is funded? Of course you do. MDOT wants to hear them.

The Michigan Department of Transportation released a survey on the matter this week that will be open through March 1. While funding for our roads comes from a combination of federal, state, and local funds, about half of the state funding comes from a gas tax. The state estimates that individuals pay an average of $400 per year on our roads. With more fuel-efficient cars and the increase in electric vehicles, the state is looking for additional ways to make up for that funding.

This could come in the form of a road usage charge. This would mean instead of funding coming from how much gas cars use, we would be charged by the mile. 

This is the first step in considering new ways to fund our roads, bridges, and transit systems in the future. The Legislature is not currently discussing this. 

The survey has questions pertaining to the participant's familiarity with the gas tax, a video about road usage charges, and how participants would want to monitor and pay for this.

Those who complete the survey will receive a $10 gift card for their participation.