Detroit's Grand Circus Park will become more unified over the next few years. The Downtown Detroit Partnership presented plans to the Detroit Historic District Commission this week, who approved the Master Plan going forward.

The historic park is divided by Woodward Avenue, and plans include building a median in Woodward to slow down traffic. Adams Street, which borders the park to the north, will also get a road diet. These roads are especially busy during sporting events due to their close proximity to both Comerica Park and Ford Field.

A cafe will be built in the southeast portion of the park; designs are not developed yet but will be subject to approval by the Historic District Commission. 

Downtown Detroit Partnership

The historic statues on the north end of the park will also move inwards a little, with planters around them. Obelisks within the park will go in the median on Woodward. 

Additional changes include larger paths around the perimeter of the park, wider crosswalks, a garden, and more spaces for community programming. 

The first phase of the plan, which could take place this summer, will be around Woodward Avenue, installing medians, landscaping, and moving the historic statues. 

Take a look at the Master Plan here.