Residents in some of Detroit's busier neighborhoods should have an easier time parking in 2024. The city announced this week that residential parking zones will be rolling out in areas in Midtown and Brush Park. 

The Cass Park and Selden zones will start on January 2. Southern Brush Park zones start on January 16 and Central Brush Park zones will start in February. Residents can apply for various parking permits on municipal parking site. In addition to residential permits, visitor, caregiver, and rental car permits will be available. 

These areas are around Little Caesars Arena and busy dining districts. The new parking zones should make it easier for residents during events, especially in Brush Park, where many people park for baseball and football games. 

“We worked very hard with Council President Mary Sheffield and former Council Member Castaneda-Lopez to draft this ordinance which gives us the ability to create Residential Parking Zones that are laser-focused on the issues surrounding each individual neighborhood,” said Keith Hutchings, Director of the Municipal Parking Department. “We know change isn’t easy, but enforcing these new zones will improve the quality of life for these residents who have asked for them.” 

Parking will still be available in these zones depending on times. For the most part, they'll be restricted to residential permits after 5 p.m. Each zone is specific to its residents, so pay attention to signage. 

The city also announced that more parking enforcements will go into effect on Sundays. Parking at meters will still be free on Sundays. Some of the violations they'll enforce are safety related, like blocking alleys and parking near fire hydrants and bus stops.