Urbanists, rejoice! Many people have waited for a potential cap over I-75 in downtown Detroit, creating a more cohesive connection between downtown and Midtown. A federal grant was approved this week to determine the feasibility of this project.

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded the $2 million grant to the Downtown Detroit Partnership, who will work with the City and the Michigan Department of Transportation on the project. The I-75 Overbuild Planning Project: Advancing Detroit’s Future by Reestablishing Neighborhood Connections is part of the Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods program, which is, according to a press release, "an initiative to reconnect communities that are cut off from opportunity and burdened by past transportation infrastructure decisions."

The cap would go between Cass and Brush Avenues and create more pedestrian-friendly options for an area that's currently intersected by a freeway. You can see more information about this and other infrastructure projects the DDP is working on here.

The city also received a $1.9 million earmark for the implementation of the project.

“This investment could knit downtown Detroit and Midtown back together, providing a pedestrian-oriented connector traversing I-75,” said Zachary Kolodin, chief infrastructure officer and director of the Michigan Infrastructure Office. “We appreciate the U.S. Department of Transportation’s support for planning and engineering to make this project a reality.”

“The DDP advocates for a holistic approach to the city’s transportation network in support of a strong Central Core. We’re eager to work with the City of Detroit and MDOT to identify a solution that benefits the community, and this funding accelerates our analysis,” said Eric B. Larson, CEO, DDP. “There’s a unique opportunity for Detroit to transform its transportation system in a way that positions the city for a stronger, more connected community for decades to come through this project.”