A prominent fountain in downtown Detroit that many people don't even realize is a fountain will be restored for its original purpose. Restoration is starting at the Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain in Hart Plaza.

The fountain, designed by Isamu Naguchi, was built in 1981. It has over 300 jets and has mostly not been running for the past decade. 

Repairs include repairing the jets, lighting, and plumbing of the metal structure. The city released a tentative timeline, which starts this month with power washing pavers, waterproofing the plaza, repairs, and reinstalling panels. It's expected to be completed in the spring. 

“Restoring the iconic fountain and revitalizing this historic space is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about preserving our heritage, honoring our past, and embracing a vibrant future,” said LaJuan Counts, executive director of the City of Detroit Construction & Demolition Department. “We are immensely proud of this opportunity, and the responsibility bestowed upon us by Mayor Duggan is both an honor and a testament to the faith in our community.”

The city's Construction & Demolition Department is leading the repairs. $6.7 million in ARPA funds are being used for this project, and $9 million for the renovation of Hart Plaza. Additional repairs to the plaza include improving drainage and plumbing, and repairing steps and a water leak in the amphitheater. 

Hart Plaza is home to numerous festivals during the summer, including Movement, Motor City Pride, and the Jazz Festival.