Over the past 10 years, the Capitol Park section of downtown has changed drastically. Vacant buildings, including the Farwell and David Stott, have been rehabbed into apartments while new businesses and restaurants line the storefronts. Now another building is up for a rehab, a refreshed facade, and four additional floors. 

1133 Griswold sits next just outside the main park area, between Prime & Proper/Capitol Park Lofts and the parking garage/Griswold Apartments. The 1921 Albert Kahn-designed building went through an unfortunate renovation in the early 1970s, removing widows and limestone cladding, leaving floors 3-7 in the dark. The new proposal, which goes to the Historic District Commission next week, will restore its classical design, add more sunlight, fully rehab the interior, and build up to an 11th floor. The story was first reported by Crain's.

Karp & Associates, Detroit Historic District Commission

A rendering submitted to the HDC by Kraemer Design Group shows an art deco-inspired design. The bottom two floors will be leased to commercial tenants while floors 3-11 will be apartments.

Karp & Associates is leading the development. The group is very familiar with the area they've rehabbed the Farwell Building, the Detroit Savings Bank building, and the neighboring Capitol Park Lofts. 

1133 Griswold was first home to the United Savings Bank of Detroit. When the Detroit and Northern Savings and Loan Association bought the building in 1971, much of the historic design was lost.