As we move closer to 2024, we know a lot of good stuff is on the horizon in Detroit.

And we've even had good transit news lately! The Regional Transit Authority will likely take over the Qline next year. The People Mover looks like its investing in its future. We'll soon have a new bus service to the airport. Oakland County expanded its bus system this year. Dan Gilbert even recently spoke about the need for transit across the metro area. In a region with limited options, these are optimistic signs for the future. 

What kinds of headlines are you hoping to see next year? Do we want the Qline to move down Jefferson or Michigan Avenue (which will see upgrades in the next few years)? Have we given up on the District Detroit or do we hold out hope that Olympia will stay true to their vision? Will MDOT reconsider its too-many-lanes redesign of 375? Do we want to see more affordable residential new construction in the neighborhoods? Do we dare dream of better design for our new apartment buildings? 

Share your Detroit development wish list in the comments below.