There's been a lot of positive momentum in transit talks in Detroit lately, from the RTA taking over the Qline to expanded bus service in Oakland County to a new bus service from downtown to the airport. 

The Detroit News reports that during yesterday's Detroit Policy Conference, Mayor Mike Duggan talked about the People Mover, the 37-year-old elevated rail around downtown Detroit. Is it time to rethink its route? Now that we have new buildings and new residents, maybe it's time to consider alternate stops around the city. 

"If the People Mover were to be built today, you'd be looking at these high-rises and you'd be connecting them to each other as a neighborhood ... potential reconfiguration of the People Mover to make a downtown neighborhood where you both live, work and play is something we're looking at," Duggan said.

We know we have some big fans of the People Mover, and some who think it's not what we should be focusing our energy on. 

If you were in charge of this project, where would you want the People Mover to go? It likely couldn't move too far out of the downtown core, but what would make sense considering where people are moving? Perhaps a stop closer to the new UM Center for Innovation, currently under construction, would make sense. Should it add some stops into Corktown, closer to the new Ralph C. Wilson Park? Maybe closer to Eastern Market? Jefferson will be trying out Bus Rapid Transit this year, but should the rail move in that direction? 

Tell us your dream People Mover route in the comments.