Here are a few of the stories we're reading during this icy week in Detroit.

Land deal approved for Morouns

In a follow up to last week's story, Detroit City Council has approved the land deal with the International Bridge Company, i.e. the Morouns, for 3.8 acres in southwest Detroit. This gives the company the final land they would need (at 3085 W. Jefferson) to potentially build another span of the Ambassador Bridge. A Community Benefits Plan would have to be put in place if they decide to build another bridge. While the deal has given funding to Riverside Park, residents are concerned that extended customs and truck plazas, along with pollution and traffic, could move into their neighborhood. Bridge Detroit

Lee Plaza on hold

We were pretty excited with the announcement that Lee Plaza would be developed. Problem is, nothing has happened in the 13 months since the announcement. The Roxbury Group, who is leading the development, say that construction costs are delaying the project, which should have started this winter. They think it'll be another year before they can get the funding and officially start construction. The 15-story building stands like an island along West Grand Boulevard; it's been vacant since the 90s. When redeveloped, it will have 117 apartments, many for low-income seniors. Crain's Detroit Business 

Problems at the Addison

A burst fire suppression system caused extensive damage for residents at the Addison apartment building in Midtown over Christmas. Two months later, most of the damage hasn't been fixed. Broken elevators and water damage remain, with black mold spreading. Residents have noted that since owner Joel Landy died in 2020, problems have been taking longer to fix. A final sale of his properties is expected at the end of the month, and new management will have to address the many issues that have piled up. The Addison remains one of the more affordable buildings in Midtown, making it hard for residents to leave. Outlier Media