Update: The owner is appealing the order and will meet with the city this week.

The Grosfield Building, which dates back to the late 1800s, has gone through many phases of development plans, crumbling floors, and fires over the past few years. Unfortunately, the handsome building at the corner of Michigan Avenue and 23rd Street looks like it's heading to demolition.

Detroit's Building, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED) ordered emergency demolitions for Building 1 and Building 2 (the front and back) of 3365 Michigan Avenue. Arthur Rushin, BSEED Chief Enforcement Officer, says,

“The structures located at 3365 Michigan were inspected and found vacant and open to trespass with roof structure down and wall collapsed making the remaining walls structurally unsound. There are crumbling and missing bricks in multiple areas and it was considered a public safety hazard and recommended for an emergency demolition.”

In 2018, plans were revealed for loft conversions and a restaurant at the site. These never materialized and the structures continued to deteriorate. In 2021, a fire took out much of the Michigan Avenue-facing building. Developer Christos Moisides purchased the site in 2022, with plans again for residential and restaurant space. But the building remains fenced off and crumbling. 

According to the emergency demolition notice, the owner can either demolish the building or has 10 days to make a written request to have an administrative hearing with the city.

Although the site is just a few blocks away from the development at Michigan Central, development on this part of Michigan Avenue never picked up. Various businesses are on the other side of the street (Hygrade Deli, 27th Letter Books, Detroit Kung Fu Academy), but not enough for steady foot traffic. 

We'll continue to follow the story and update as needed.