It's been a busy week for the Hudson's site. First, it topped out on Wednesday, with its highest beam lifted for the 685 feet tall building. Then Bedrock announced its official name - Hudson's Detroit. Now, it has a big new tenant.

Chairman & Founder of Bedrock Dan Gilbert and GM Chair & CEO Mary Barra  announced at a press conference today that GM will move from the Renaissance Center to Hudson's Detroit next year. 

GM Design

The 1.5 million-square-foot development at the old Hudson's site has the skyscraper and a 12-story building; GM will be the main tenant for the shorter building, taking up the top floors in a 15-year lease. Not only does the building have plenty of office space, but it has room for exhibitions and events. Hudson's Detroit will be home to premiere residences, a five-star hotel, event space, retail, and offices. The move will take place in 2025, but it's not yet known how many employees will work there.

“GM has been in the city for more than 100 years and it’s great to see that commitment continue as they move their headquarters to the heart of downtown at Hudson’s Detroit. In my time as mayor, I am proud that our team has worked together with GM and Bedrock to build on the city’s revitalization,” said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “Hudson’s Detroit marks a significant development in the city and returns an iconic name back to where it belongs. GM, meanwhile, is already building EVs at its Factory ZERO plant, located here in Detroit. I am equally excited to see what these two great companies imagine when it comes to the future redevelopment of the Renaissance Center.”

During the press conference, Duggan mentioned that Dan Gilbert had brought up the idea of pitching GM to move to this site six years ago.

The bigger question now is what will happen with the Renaissance Center? GM, Bedrock, the City of Detroit, and Wayne County will work for the next year to figure that out. The RenCen has always been a sort of island in itself downtown, across many lane of Jefferson next to the Riverfront. The hotel does well, but multiple office tenants have moved out in recent years. We're interested in seeing if there are any plans, and if there's any potential for a residential conversion.

GM has invested over $1 billion into the RenCen and the Detroit Riverfront since moving there in 1996. For over 70 years, the company was headquartered in the GM Building in New Center.

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