Pistons owner Tom Gores announced this week plans for a $20 million recreation center plus upgrades to current facilities in Rouge Park. Gores, along with the Pistons organization and the Parks and Rec department, plan to engage with the community while planning and designing programming.

The plans call for a new 25,000-square-foot multi-use building next to Brennan Pool. The pool facilities will also be upgraded, and a second phase includes building an enclosure around one of the Olympic-sized pools.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The program is part of an initiative to impact social change. Many of the Pistons worked with executives to determine areas to focus on, including financial literacy, food insecurity, education, and mentorship.

“For me growing up, community centers provided a safe space because after school I always had something to do,” said Pistons center Isaiah Stewart. “That led me to boxing, soccer, and eventually getting into basketball, but I was always busy. They can also give adults who have to work peace of mind knowing their kids are in a safe environment, learning or getting better or just having fun.”

A basketball court inside the new rec centerDetroit Pistons

Parks and rec centers have been a big focus in the city over the past few years. The city recently announced plans for upgraded facilities across the city, but not in Rouge Park, the city's largest park.

"The facility itself will be the best of its kind and provide residents with a safe space to learn, play and grow," says Gores. "But more than just a building, we will create a hub that brings together people from the neighborhood and throughout the city who want to make a difference in this community."