A partnership between Detroit's most prominent developer and an indoor farming company could bring 2.2 million pounds of produce to the region annually. Bedrock, along with Vertical Harvest, are proposing a new 60,000-square-foot facility in Milwaukee Junction to grow produce year-round.

The new build would be home to a, "205,000 square foot growing canopy that utilizes hydroponic, vertical and controlled environmental agricultural practices," according to a press release. The company would commit to 70% of the food to the region - within 100 miles of the facility.


“Food insecurity is one of the most pressing urban problems nationally,” said Kofi Bonner, CEO of Bedrock. “In Detroit, a significant portion of the population does not have easy access to fresh produce. Most importantly, Vertical Harvest products will be made accessible to civic institutions for quick and efficient delivery to our neighborhoods. The partnership with Vertical Harvest is another way that Bedrock will continue to extend our positive impact beyond the downtown core.”

The farm would be all-electric and says it would use 95% less water than traditional farming methods. It would create 50 jobs, with 40% of those for people with disabilities and with career growth opportunities.

The half-acre of land it would be built on would produce 100 acres worth of food. We reached out to Bedrock for more information on the site and have not received any additional information yet.

“We view food production as essential civic infrastructure,” said Nona Yehia, Vertical Harvest’s CEO and Detroit native. “By partnering with city leaders and organizations like Bedrock, we hope to play an important role in scaling sustainable urban infrastructure for Detroiters.”

Many developments have been announced and completed in recent years in Milwaukee Junction. Vertical Harvest would sit near the under-construction Piquette Flats, the redevelopment of an old Studebaker Detroit Service Building. Last year, the city announced the redevelopment of the Fisher Body 21 plant into over 400 apartments (construction has not started). 

Vertical Harvest currently has locations in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Westbrook, Maine. The goal is to open this facility in 2025.